Delivering Technical Excellence for any Type of Building

With high performance engineering skills, technical support, and a thorough understanding of current design requirements, we deliver the most efficient structures for every type of building. We continuously explore new ways to design and build using innovative materials and advanced methods of construction.

The Pano Residential Condominium

Producing the Highest Value

As well as delivering safe, sustainable, and cost-effective structures, we plan for the diverse uses of a project throughout its whole life cycle. With efficiency and economy as a priority, we provide flexible solutions with room for future needs to optimize property value.

The Siam Paragon Shopping Complex

Working Through Complex Structural Engineering Challenges

With decades of experience, our teams at CEDA are able to tackle complex engineering challenges such as tall & slender buildings, deep underground basement, long-span structures, complicated transferred structures, complex shape structures, and special high-performance structures. We deliver the most efficient structural solutions to make your vision possible and cost-efficient.

The Emquartier Shopping Complex

Saving Time & Money

We have pushed for new approaches in engineering and innovative techniques to save costs and time. With great attention to selections of structural systems, sensitivity analysis of structural sizes is conducted in the first phase of the design, and precast structure elements are utilized in all appropriate applications.

The Singha Brewery Banglen

Sustainable Structures

Sustainability in building design and construction is a crucial aspect of our work process at CEDA. The two elements of a sustainable structure are extending a building's life cycle and reusing as many existing resources as possible. We offer advice on ways to reduce construction waste through material selection, structural details, and construction methods.

The Mall Ngamwongwan Renovation

Comprehensive Structural Network in Thailand

We have established a broad and robust structural network. CEDA's effective communication network connects all major contractors, building material suppliers, and expert consultants, giving us a competitive edge on structural design at any stage of a project's development.

Structural Network in Thailand

BIM Based Structural Engineering

Our engineers and support teams are proficient at Building Information Modeling based design(BIM). From conceptual design to construction drawing, we are capable of coordinating and producing drawings in BIM. The results are functional for the construction phase, as well as the building operation after completion.

BIM Based Structural Engineering

High Performance Design Facility

At CEDA, state-of-the-art structural engineering software can perform structural analysis and design with an appropriate structural system assigned by our experienced engineers. The design facility allows CEDA to work through complex structures with a variety of loadings such as gravity, wind, earthquakes, etc. The software programs we work with include ETABS, SAFE, PLAXIS, ADAPT, MIDAS, and TEKLA Structural Designer.

Our Software