Dr.Tongchate Nakhata

ABOUT | Dr.Tongchate Nakhata

  • Managing Director
  • Senior Professional Engineer วย.1751

  • B.ENG Civil Engineer Chulalongkorn University 1995

  • MS. Structural Engineer Oregon State University 1998

Dr.Tongchate Nakhata has comprehensive knowledge on structural design and construction management. He has a strong academic background in probabilistic structural engineering. He has been working as CEDA managing director since 2005. All CEDA projects are under his guidance and approval . He has carried out wide range of structural design and consulting solutions for various types of building projects from special complex shape iconic building to mega scale commercial complex.

Dr. Tongchate is also keen on foundation design, geotechnical related design, wind design and seismic design. His principle is always “to resolve complicated issue with the most simple solution” The results always lead to significant project cost and time saving.